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Great presentation. You were thorough and detailed in your presentation. As a client, it's nice to see where the project began, and where it's going and you explained that perfectly.

The code is clean and makes sense. You're grasping the concepts really well, great job! ~LaunchCode TA 5/2/22

Your code is clean and clear. Great job on the demo. You demonstrated your understanding of how the code really works and were able to adapt to the questions I added about HashMaps quickly, which even further proves your level of understanding. ~LaunchCode TA 3/28/22

Very impressive Jamie! I can see that you have previous experience with coding :) way to go :) ~LaunchCode TA 11/22/21

Hey Jamie! Great work on part-1 of the assignment. I like the fact that you included case insensitivity for checking the answers. I am not sure if this was a requirement, but really impressive. ~LaunchCode TA 11/5/21

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